Download some files

NAPLES demonstration for Windows

Download the file from the link( and unzip it to get naplesview.exe. Then double click it to run the code. If the code does not run, it may be due to the lack of glut library in your system. Please obtain and install it into your system or place it in the same folder with naplesview.exe. When the code runs successfully, a window appears with polymer chains. Push space key to start the polymer dynamics calculation. This is real-time simulation demo for linear polymer with 10 entanglements on average. You can make deformation and some other tricks by some keys. Description will appear by pressing key "1". You cannot obtain stress data by this version. If you interested in the rheology calculations, contact to the author, or obtain the full version shown below.

Full version of NAPLES

You may obtain NAPLES included in the OCTA package from the octa website for free of charge.

NAPLES presentation in PDF

Some detail and recent results are available in this file.